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Simple Pleasures
It's common to take things for granted in life, especially the small things like stopping to smell a lovely rose and enjoying it. What are the things in life you find enjoyment in and makes you focus on those moments? You know, things that make you smile and feel happy.

For instance, I love the smell of rain in the air before it starts and I will stop to soak the experience in for a few minutes.
Passionfruit. They are just so yummy.
i love the "smell of rain" one Ocean...

and speaking of Ocean....I love the smell of sea air when I haven't smelt it for a while(because I don't go to the beach very often)
but speaking of it, im currently down in the lovely Town of Busselton,WA, a coastal town in the South West of West Australia, which im sure Bob32 s also familiar with.

as for fruit bob_32, mangoes are my indulgence, not early in the season because theyre not as juicy or sweet, but yes, give me a mango over any fruit anytime!

Spring....I look foreward to that every year, the warmth of the sun, the first sounds of bees buzzing and the scent in the air of the perfume of flowers.
Oh yes, mangi are delicious also.
Walking on the beach when the wind is really wild and the waves are really high. A great time for thinking up things.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I agree Jerome, I like to do it just after a bad storm has come through in winter and theres always something interesting washed up on the shore during a storm.
Like a mermaid maybe????
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I love mangos! They are yummy.

Another thing I like, my first cup of coffee in the morning. Makes me get up and feel motivated too.
I love to watch the colors of the sky while the sun is setting before twilight comes, there will be orange, red, sometimes blue-ish shades and the stars are bright. A gorgeous sight. So many amazing wonders on this planet <3.
I just love the Autumn breezes.
I love Smoky Mountain Rain :biggrin:
I love the smell of Rose Buds.
I love the night and the lights of the night :biggrin:
I love cold Watermellon on a hot summer day
Actually, I love about any kind of fruit.
I like visiting the cemetary and looking at the flowers and reading the markers :eek: :biggrin:

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