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Pet Stories
you are strange

I'm​ still learning about Bettas. :redface: I guess her behavior is normal.
When I was a kid we had a huge goldfish. Biggest one I ever saw at the time.
He was a beautiful fish but crazy.
He would jump in the air and we would find him lying on the counter and have to put him back in the bowl.
One time we left for awhile as I recall and the fish had jumped out of the bowl and was stiff as a board dead.
He commited suicide :laugh: Bad for him but again he was a crazy fish.

Had forgotten about that story till you told the story about your fish Oceansoul Confusedmile:
I always enjoy integrating my pets in my music, the last time I did it I recorded my dog walking on a wooden floor and reversed it, its my way of keeping them around haha
I have a horse on my ranch and he is a phenomenal animal. Knows everything and even before you show it to him! I love him very much

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