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Pet Stories
I know we have some animal lovers here. Would like for you to share your stories or favorite videos.
I saw this video on TV tonight. Thought it was kind of cute Confusedmile:

My cat can talk. I know ya'll are going to think I am nuts but I declare he can.
Only cat I ever had that can talk. I have heard people say their cats can talk but I didn't
much believe them.
My cat when he really wants my attention and he gets excited will say Ma Ma Ma Ma.
I told my relatives he could talk but they did not believe me till they heard him.
He also says No. When I tell him something he does not want to do, he will say no.
My pet is working on a story, but he won't let me read it til it's finished,he's up til all hours of the night just typing away.
Thought for sure someone would have a Pet Story. Oh, well.

I have some stories about my Scooter (best cat I ever had) and his sister Dolly hubby named after Dolly Parton Confusedmile:
I will share later Confusedmile:
my dog died

I had a cat named Charlie who I took in as a stray kitten and I nursed him back to health.

One day, my Stepdad was taking out the trash down the road from the apartment and a big dog appears. The dog starts following him, growling, and tries to bite at my Stepdad mainly his ankles so my cat Charlie runs over to the dog and chases him away from my Stepdad and the dog runs away in a different direction then Charlie comes back to the house with my Stepdad.

Haha, a little cat scared off a big dog and that is pretty bold. It worked though. He was an awesome cat. <3
Music Head Wrote:my dog died

My Scooter died too at 12 and Dolly died at only 2. They both had heart trouble.
I cried my eyes out when Scooter died. Still miss him. He was a good boy and so smart.
Good story Oceansoul Confusedmile:
Heard an article on the local radio station about this -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
My dog Bambi gets me off of my arse and is responsible for preventing me from becoming a slob and a couch potato!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
I have a Betta and the other day when I went to feed her, I didn't see her in her Aquarium and wondered if she had died or something so I tried looking for her. Turns out she was fine and made a place for herself under the rocks in her Aquarium. Not sure if that is common behavior for Bettas or not. My Mom said one of her fishes does the same thing.

I mean there is a castle and two plants in there for her so she has places to hide and sleep if she wants to already, but oh well. She's a funny fish.

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