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What Did You Buy?
Can't remember whether this was the first piece of music I ever bought or not - might have been Floyd's 'Meddle' album. But when I heard this on the radio I just had to have it in my hands. And it has not aged at all. Superb piece of work - Just listen to the individual orchestral element in this  - bloody marvellous. And then of course the choir comes in and blows the whole thing away. An eargasm in every sense of the word.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
I didn't buy anything but my gorgeous step-daughters came over the other day when I was out (and without Dani knowing what they were doing) and they went into my music room and noticed my list of "to purchase" albums on a whiteboard,
well, because between us (Dani and I) have had a pretty crappy year they decided to cheer us up a bit, they paid for a car service on Dani's car and bought me several cds from my "to purchase" list,
heres what they turned up with today before I went to work...I know they meant well but I did "tell them off" for purchasing them, they have more important things to do with their money IMO,(one is purchasing a house, the other has a 14 month old daughter), but I thanked them anyway....
and yes, it did bring a smile to my face

[Image: 220px-Ghosteen_-_Nick_Cave_and_the_Bad_Seeds.jpg]  [Image: 220px-Charli_XCX_-_Charli.png]  [Image: 220px-Sturgill_Simpson_-_Sound_%26_Fury.png]

[Image: 220px-The_Lumineers_-_III.png]  [Image: 220px-Angel_Olsen_-_All_Mirrors.png]  [Image: 220px-Complex_by_Montaigne.jpg]

[Image: 220px-The_Kids_Are_Coming_by_Tones_and_I.png]  [Image: 220px-Jeff_Lynne%27s_ELO_-_From_Out_of_Nowhere.png]
Wow - that's lovely and caring of them! How fab.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
they treat me nicer than my own bloody kids (who only want to see me when they want something!)
Gift Card purchases today:

cd store had a "3 for $20" deal happening on selected cds so I picked these ones up:

[Image: 220px-LeonardCohenOldIdeas.jpeg]   [Image: 220px-LeonardCohenPopularProblems.jpg]   [Image: 220px-Dontrockthejukebox.jpg]

[Image: 220px-Undertheinfluencealanjackson.jpg]  [Image: 220px-Drivealanjackson.jpg]  [Image: 220px-Whatidoalanjackson.jpg]

the four Jackson albums will sit nicely next to the other two I own plus a compilation.
the Cohen, pretty sure our resident Cohen-phile MH wasn't a big fan of these two albums but I could be wrong?

also, picked up this one below, 2cd set of the gig plus dvd of the show(which is what I bought it for)

Jeff Lynne's ELO "wembley or bust" 2017 live gig

[Image: 51rGdBtmwzL._AC_UL320_ML3_.jpg]
^^^ I love AJ's Under The Influence album! Smile Smile Smile

God bless you and him always!!!

Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!
and God Bless you too Holly

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