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Kanye West News
just go away

from the boombox

[Image: kanyewest-bbx-200-eb-100109.jpg]

Though apologetic, Kanye West doesn't seem to have learned from his MTV Video Music Awards blunder.

This past weekend the Chicago native performed at the 'Common & Friends Benefit Concert,' a charity event that featured performances by Nas, De La Soul, Queen Latifah and more, where he apparently threw a fit backstage when he saw someone eating chicken.

"Why wasn't I offered chicken?" Kanye complained, according to several sources. "You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating ... Why am I not eating?"

When a waitress tried to appease the talented yet tantrum-prone rapper, explaining that he hadn't asked for any food, Kanye replied angrily, "Well, I'm asking now!"

When he received the chicken he requested, he allegedly took one bite, then threw the rest out, as his girl Amber Rose stood silently at his side, and the rest of the artists backstage looked on "in awe." We really want to stop giving the guy a hard time because it seems a bit unfair at this point, but if this report is accurate, Kanye really needs to calm down.


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