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Making music a profession.
Has anyone thought of making music a profession? Any rock band guys here?
Well I'm asking this cause, we have this band group and we're on to, making it our profession. I don't know, for how long things will work, but we'r on to it. However, for now we've just applied for a mortgage to get a place of our own, so that things could start working out for real. Just was curious to know how many of you would leave your jobs and just dedicate yourself fully towards music and make it your passion.
A brave move in the current music climate where people aren't really paying for music anymore except at concerts. At the end of the day you have to do what you believe in. Good luck with your efforts. Can you provide a link to some of your material?
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
It ain't easy making music a profession. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and consistency.
I know many people who are doing it professionally, doesn't mean they can live doing it only. Most of them have another small job to pay their bills. I've written some short and easy tips on music marketing, which are surely helpful in becoming professional with your music Smile
Just keep going and eventually you'll be able to grow bigger and attract more people and live by playing music.
Being a full time musician myself, I think I can say a couple of things:

First, anyone can do it. It is a matter of effort, consistency, and endurance. You dont have to be the best out there, but you have to be a profesional.

Second, like all "jobs", it's not just fun- you can have fun some or most of the times, but imagine you are sick, or not feeling good in any way, and still you have to perform if you pay your rent being a musician. And it's almost never about "fame", "being rich", having a million followers on twitter and stuff like this Wink

Third, music as a proffesion has soooo many niches. It's not only being part of a group that does world tours that makes you a proffesional. There are also teaching, production, mixing, singing, playing an instrument, being an agent, radios, tv, internet... etc. etc.

So if you are asking if you can earn a living from music. I'd say yes, deffinately, there are ten ways to do it if you really want it. But if you are asking if you can earn a living by only playing with your group... I really dont know.

All the best

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