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Free giveaways for members of MD....

a few weeks ago I listened to an album by a New Zealand rock band called Devilskin....
they are genuine rock with a great female vocalist...
I really liked the album a lot and thus, wrote(FB'd and emailed the band),
their manager James wrote back and we conversed over several days in regards to a question/proposition I put to him...

basically I wanted him to give me four or five signed cds of the Devilskin album "we rise" so I could give away on MD to members,
thus, increasing their exposure to a wider audience than they might otherwise have got....

as it turned out, he requested I purchase two cds and he would throw in another two cds (signed) as giveaways on MD...

anyway, they arrived in the mail today,
I have ten signed cds and five deluxe versions with a bonus dvd (unsigned)....

this is more than I hoped to get for you, the members of MD....but I got them.

Music Head already replied to a previous post and has booked one already....


please, post in this thread if you would like a copy of their cd for free (but obviously, PM me your postal address)
and the cd will be sent at my earliest convenience.

consider it not only a gift from Music Discussion but also a gift from the band!

ive just really looked at the discs I received...

there are nine copies of their debut album "we rise" signed by the band and

four copies of their live album with bonus dvd entitled "live at the powerstaion" to give away

well, ten and five, but im keeping one copy of the album and one live disc
Yes!!! I would like a CD or a copy of the live DVD, Crazy mate...I really like this band...female rocker! Lead vocalist Jennie Skulander besides having a great metal voice is also gorgeous so I wouldn't mind a
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
Consider it done SteveO

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