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A brilliant band in my opinion. Love the 'Dirty Old Man' song. Reminds me of me. :lol::lol::lol:

What do others think of Faithless?
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:
I enjoy listening to Faithless more in the 90's. I had the 'Reverence' album which had some cracking tunes on. Not sure about the new stuff they have released.
I liked them for a while years ago. I think I have two of their albums. I haven't listened to them in some time. The albums I have by them sound dated now.
Have they done anyone more recent that you know of?
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:
According to their last album was To All New Arrivals, released in 2006 and their last 12" was Music Matters in 2007, a single from To All.... I have not listened to either.

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