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My song, I'd like to hear your opinion :)
Ok then, here's the link:

I tried to keep this song in some sort of dark, heavy climate.

I play guitar for about 4 years now - year ago I started to create my own music Smile and I'm not good songwriter unfortunately, at least that's my opinion Smile
Sooo, I really, really, Really! want to hear what you think about that little song of mine Tongue
It is good actually. Really!
That is one thing I don't get with especially the music industry.
Good stuff remains so well hidden that no one will ever hear it. I hear no difference between this and any other dark song out there.

Maybe I am just not the right person to critique.
Nothing succeeded like success..
Its really good Dude...
see dude yours is better than mine
but this is a hard industry
i think tere will be a chance for everyone to get into the spotlight
im trying too
this is my album[URL=""][/URL]
what about this???
Good one, especially the piano, nice workConfusedmile:

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