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Greetings & Salutations!
(13-02-2019, 13:50)Ruby Wrote: Hello there errr - problemsathome. Trust they are not insurmountable!! Big Grin

Welcome to the forum - hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Taiwan ... do you speak Mandarin? And are you a professional musician? What do you write about?

My taste in music is pretty eclectic - I think it's evident when an artist knows what they're doing, regardless of which category they fit into. I don't get along with rap and metal (although some of that can be quite entertaining) and I don't like noise of any description that my brain can't organise, lol! Tend to be largely inclined to the 70's and early 80's when musicians actually played instruments, although I am far from averse to electronica (of the vintage persuasion, mostly).

Haha yeah, name is just for fun.

My Mandarin actually sucks, which I only have myself to blame. I have been playing music since I was a teenager, been in numerous bands and toured internationally, but still hesitate to say I am a 'professional musician.' But I do some things I'm working on currently that might change that. I write fiction and some literary nonfiction/travel-type stuff. 

My personal favorite musical period is mid-late-70s to early-mid 80s so I hear you!

(13-02-2019, 13:51)Music Head Wrote: welcome Russell
nice list there
going down it I was waiting for Talking Heads or Sonic Youth

curious what took you to Taiwan

For sure! Those are also great bands. Just too many to name unfortunately.

Short answer is that my wife is Taiwanese, long answer is that I have lived previously in US and Europe and wanted to try Asia for a while. I am super into other countries and cultures, and think if you really want to do it you have to live/work/study there, not just be a tourist. And Taiwan in particular is amazing, totally unique and amazing but under the radar.

(13-02-2019, 21:16)SteveO Wrote: Welcome aboard the Great MD, Russell ! My taste in music is all over the place ! Crazy Horse turned me on to Paul Weller (The Jam, etc. ) but his exposure to the mighty USA market was minimal unfortunately !


Yeah it's strange...honestly so many people don't know him or The Jam. Missing out for sure.

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