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Greetings from San Jose
Hello, I'm a 60 year old music lover who has been an enthusiastic consumer of music since about 1971.  My first big music purchase was the $25 for 25 albums in the Record Club of America.  I used to regularly ride my bicycle up to music and record stores around where I was growing up to check out the newest releases and occasionally purchase some.

My main sources for music discovery have varied over the years.  Before getting into music I listened to top 40 AM radio from time to time.  I eventually switched to FM album oriented radio and KSAN in San Francisco that was my first expansion of music variety which happened to coincide to the rise of punk and similar music.

Later on I switched to listening to college radio for a while and learned about a number of other bands and styles of music there.  Then I moved to when it was available and found a number great groups there.  Since about 2006 my most influential source for music has been

I generally start getting tired of music I've liked or loved over time and eventually stop listening to those groups and sometimes that style of music.  These days I listen to mostly indie and alternative pop and rock, some mainstream pop, some mainstream rock, selected bluegrass and a handful of other types of music.

The longest lasting groups and artists who make up larger portions of my listening are The Beatles, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Elton John, Devo, Suzanne Vega, Vomit Launch, Pixies, Frank Black and The Breeders.

Although my longest lasting groups don't really show it I tend to prefer music with female vocals or dual female/male vocals, I love harmonies, I love songs with strings in them (cello my favorite and violin second), I like songs with clever lyrics and I like music with intricate instrumental sections.

I generally listen to songs as opposed to albums and like to listen to my music in an iTunes playlist with a not played since filter to make sure I hear all of the songs I like over time.

That's it for now.  Thanks for having me here.

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