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Namaste - Creative8 - 18-02-2011

Greetings! I joined in order to experience and share new music. I'm a severe music head, with chronic urges to create things randomly. I'm a bass player of about 8 years having performed music ranging from heavy metal to jazz and funk. I play in a really awesome band called Fall of the Albatross and i treat it like my baby. So what's up, whatcha listening too, and take off your coat.

Namaste - Tiggi - 18-02-2011

Hello Creative One, and welcome to MD.

Most recent listening was Reggae album Uptown Top Ranking by seventies one-hit-wonders Althea & Donna.

Unfortunately I'm not wearing a coat.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Namaste - CRAZY-HORSE - 18-02-2011

welcome to MH Creative8

was listening to the four 1978 KISS solo albums earlier, now im listening to the kettle,waiting for it to boil to make my first coffee of the morning so i can have my first ciggie.

im glad im not wearing a coat either as its 4:44am 26C/78F but if i was wearing one i'd be sure to take it off