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RE: things that P!ss me off! - Music Head - 10-11-2019

….and cheese

RE: things that P!ss me off! - CRAZY-HORSE - 10-11-2019


RE: things that P!ss me off! - Ruby - 10-11-2019

(10-11-2019, 17:03)Music Head Wrote: ….and cheese

Lol! Utopia.

RE: things that P!ss me off! - Ruby - 10-11-2019

(10-11-2019, 14:22)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: ^^
totally agree...

a Government should supply the following:

adequate healthcare
quality education
law and order/National Security

^You'd think - considering exorbitant rates of tax.  
Tricky when only 5% of the population are taxpayers, not to mention the daylight robbery by those who are supposedly running the place!!

I've recently had a break-in and valuables (to me) stolen, including technology, hence my absence for a few days. No insurance, which is fine - it wouldn't replace what was taken anyway, the bastards. Liars and thieves - my worst!

RE: things that P!ss me off! - CRAZY-HORSE - 11-11-2019

so sorry to hear about the break-in Ruby
not good

RE: things that P!ss me off! - Jerome - 11-11-2019

Sorry to hear about your loss Ruby. One of the reasons I decided to move away from SA. Cars, stereos, PC's, TV's. Lost a lot over the years. The crime rate is out of control. Mind you the problem is starting to raise it's head here as well. Some shops in the UK have resorted to placing empty samples on the shelves because of constant shoplifting. Multiple times in a single day in some cases. Some people just believe the world owes them and they do not have to work for anything. I can foresee the day when the whole sordid mess is going to descend into anarchy. Not too far away either. Planet's in a real mess. Too many people on this blue marble. It's simply not sustainable. The one-child policy that China once had needs to be applied to every country in the world. I remember reading an article some time ago of a woman in Uganda who has 44 children. Don't know if it is fake news or not but she apparently had three sets of triplets and three sets of quadruplets amongst other things. She had 23 kids before the age of 25. She was married off at 14. And no means of support since hubby decided to pack his bags and move on.  

(07-11-2019, 02:39)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: when I click on a story on MSN to only have to click on dozens of "next" buttons to read the whole article

That's just click bait CH. You are earning them money by clicking through and they are doing nothing to earn it. If a page has a 'next' button I just ignore it.