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NEW ALBUM: Madonna "Madame X" - CRAZY-HORSE - 15-06-2019

[Image: 220px-Madonna_-_Madame_X_standard.png]
Spotify listen:

well ive got to say that was painful...
I used to be a fan, haven't liked anything since she destroyed American Pie...
album is so full of auto-tune I think the auto-tune is auto-tuned, LOL...
and then in comes my other pet hate...the dreaded vocorder…
I could possibly have liked a few of these tracks if it wasn't for the use of
those things plus the EDM crap and numerous featured artists, but sadly, 
the album is what it is and I just don't like anything about it...
Hmmm, might be time to put on the Ray Of Light album to remind myself just
how good she once was!

the latest single:
which isn't too bad until the vocorder crap starts...
love the video for it...

RE: NEW ALBUM: Madonna "Madame X" - CRAZY-HORSE - 21-06-2019

debuts at #2 this week in the UK

RE: NEW ALBUM: Madonna "Madame X" - CRAZY-HORSE - 22-06-2019

#2 here in Australia also...

RE: NEW ALBUM: Madonna "Madame X" - Music Head - 26-06-2019

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #1

courtesy of Spotify

yea, it's a flop
for all the reasons CH said

since the 2 singles here suck
I'll go for the only one I like

RE: NEW ALBUM: Madonna "Madame X" - CRAZY-HORSE - 26-06-2019

i was pretty sure your opinion would be the same as mine...

im curious though...

whats your favourite album of hers, mine, Ray Of Light

whats your favourite single?, mine, Like A Prayer