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The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 27-03-2019

[Image: 800px-Right_Said_Fred-Up-Frontal.jpg]

Like most of us I am always keen to add something to my music library .....for me the sources are many...sometimes I will order from Amazon or even go into a wonderful record shop and come out with a nice black vinyl disc clutched in my little hand. Sometimes, it is a silver disc if needs must.....However, my favourite idea is the record hunt ...this can take me into many places...thrift shops , markets, bookshops , dumpster diving or just a good conversation that results in a "would you like this I no longer play it "......Today it was a thrift and for 50 cent I an reunited with an old friend......."Up"   ...who can forget seeing Right Said Fred doing "I'm Too Sexy....."......?  At my age I think my version includes "I'm to grey and wrinkled " but is still a good listen and the sort of music that makes even a senior remember the joys of a good bop! Smile

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - CRAZY-HORSE - 27-03-2019

in all honesty, i'd probably buy that album for 50c also, and hey, it cant possibly be as bad as Aqua....

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 29-03-2019

Terraform.........Randy Vanwarmer........As I have said in a previous post, I enjoy hunting for some of my new music and the latest thing I found after thumbing through a few hundred unbuyable albums was this. The only thing I knew by Randy was "Just When I needed You Most."  I looked him up on the net and like too many of the people whose music I like he had already passed away..............

So , I carefully cleaned this 1 Euro purchase and set it to work on my turntable....I wasn't sure what to expect but my guess was soft rock and , I wasn't wrong. What was interesting was the range of soft rock...going from the run of the mill pop song to the alternative and on to the interesting and unusual. The most notable being the mini suite on side two.

I was pleasantly surprised by this album and felt it was a good find.

My copy was a German pressing which was very quiet and very well produced and engineered to produce a rich and full sound. Smile

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 02-04-2019

[Image: Aja_album_cover.jpg]

I think that when you buy a system that you can listen to music on, there should be a legal document that you have to sign, that says that you pledge to listen to certain albums. I can think of quite a few that I would include and this would be one of them……Aja…..Steely Dan…….it is smooth, slick, clever and just beautiful.

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 16-04-2019

Boots Randolf.....Greatest Hits.........for those in the know .....BENNY HILL!!!!!!!!

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - CRAZY-HORSE - 16-04-2019

love that Benny Hill theme, few people actually know it was originally incidental music in a Euro porn movie..
Benny, pretty close to being the greatest comedian the UK ever produced, but like most comedians, he lived a sad life
with an even sadder lonely death...

RIP Benny...

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 17-04-2019

[Image: Asia_-_Asia_%281982%29_front_cover.jpg]

So , another Euro spent and another nice album....I bought this when it came out , it and I parted company, reunited on CD and now on LP. Can't believe how good this sounds and how nice and clean my one Euro copy is. Each track on here is outstanding and the cover? Well it's a Roger Dean one.....say no more!!

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 19-04-2019

[Image: Don_HenleyDirtyLaundry45.jpg]

Again another nice 1Euro find and in great condition too. A very clean German pressing and wonderful sonically....It is what you would expect from an Engle's solo album, great performances of middle of the road rock, with a touch of country. A few personal stories wound into the lyrics and of course some guest performances from his band mates. As  listen more....I get more into this and am surprised that someone just discarded it into athrift store but, you never know the circumstances ...............

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 27-04-2019

[Image: R-11824619-1525163773-5965.jpeg.jpg]

This time , I have a full price offering and this is a replacement copy for a much loved album lost over the years. 
My trip to the record shop yielded a nice reissue from the Dutch reissue company Music On Vinyl. For one's nearly 30 Euros , one gets a very nice double album reissue with booklet and extra tracks. This album is a piece of musical gold from the mid 80s. It ranges from the industrial dance to new age and through to ambient. To my ears , it is a wonderful listen and fills a very pleasant 80 mins.  I have to praise Music On Vinyl, they really know how to deliver a wonderful sonic experience. This may well have come from a digital master but it is simply top draw to listen to. Everything is cleanly recorded , crisply edited and engineered and mastered with the kind of care that analogue is famous only regret? I could have worked for Music On Vinyl as a pair of "Golden Ears"..checking their newly cut advanced copies for sonic excellence....I went quite a way to looking into this job but circumstances dictated that I was not able to take their offer up..........

RE: The Lastest Addition To My Music Library - gryphon - 15-05-2019

[Image: It%27s_My_Life_%28Talk_Talk_album%29_coverart.jpg]

I have been wanting a copy of this for quite a luck was in when a nice clean copy turned up in my local thrift for 1 Euro....I love this shop because it supports a charity that rescues doggies in trouble from Greece....I have also rescued the most delightful collie from Greece too and as such my heart and soul are in the job they do and I do all I can to support them.

Anyway back to the music....listen to the title track on this album and I defy anyone not to instantly not fall in love with this album....or my rescued collie....[Image: 59393408_10219527686491881_8756152729753...e=5D520DA2]