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I Miss Jerome - Music Head - 16-03-2019

just sayin

RE: I Miss Jerome - CRAZY-HORSE - 16-03-2019

he'll be back shortly, had to clear out/empty File-13, a monumental task indeed!

RE: I Miss Jerome - Jerome - 21-03-2019

Back guys - had to take care of some family stuff. Also been working on some music in the background. Unfortunately time is a bit limited at the moment so I won't be posting much and I have not really been listening to any new music at all. Did get around to buying one of these babies - a very nice piece of kit indeed. About 200 bucks but worth it. Has three modes - mono, normal stereo and a third setting which mimics sitting in a normal room listening to speakers - great for mixing on phones and reveals all your glaring mistakes in detail. Very useful if you want to mix on headphones but have the experience of sitting in a studio in front of a pair of Mixcubes at the same time. And they are well built - quite heavy as well. Now I need to purchase a neck brace next!