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Music psychology/neuroscience - bruckner6 - 14-03-2019

I'm a former trombonist, now a researcher with interests in music group performance from the perspectives of psychology and neuroscience.
I look forward to learning what makes musical ensembles and bands so effective at social communication.

RE: Music psychology/neuroscience - Music Head - 14-03-2019

that sounds deep
not sure we will meet your expectations
but welcome

RE: Music psychology/neuroscience - Ruby - 19-03-2019

Welcome bruckner6 - sorry I missed your intro.
We don't have a classical music fundi on the board. I was raised listening though and so have a certain appreciation.  
Must be interesting to have an idea of what fires up various synapses and why!  Smile

RE: Music psychology/neuroscience - Jerome - 21-03-2019

Welcome to the site. Can't really help you with your chosen field but you might find this interesting.
This is all created using vvvv - an open source program which is free to download and experiment with. I find it fascinating.