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Musical Deaths 2019: - CRAZY-HORSE - 07-01-2019

and the morbid thread is up and running again,

who will be knocking on heavens door this year???

first up:


ex-wife of Neil and country muso in her own right

died New Years Day aged 66 after a battle with Cancer

im not a fan of her music so I cannot post anything of hers that I like.

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - Ruby - 07-01-2019

^R.I.P. Pegi Young. She seems to have been an active philanthropist who did a lot of good things. Sure her personal life couldn't have been easy. That's sad. Sad

I saw an obituary the other day, for Daryl Dragon - Captain & Tennille. He passed away from kidney failure on 02 January at age 76. Never listened to their music but this dominated the airwaves at one point … R.I.P. Captain ...

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - CRAZY-HORSE - 07-01-2019

I vaguely remember Captain and Tennille from my childhood, can only recall a couple of songs, none of which I liked...
but again, another one bites the proverbial dust...

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - James Otto Sweet Heart - 08-01-2019

Lead singer Steve Ripley of the 90s country band named The Tractors went forward on January 3rd just two days after his 69th birthday.

God bless you and his family and friends always!!!


P.S. Periodically I still hear on the radio the song that they are known for named "Baby Likes To Rock It".

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - CRAZY-HORSE - 22-02-2019

Peter Tork (the monkees)

aged 77

cause: undisclosed but did have cancer a decade agp

heres the article:

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - Ruby - 26-02-2019

Very sorry to learn that Mark Hollis is reported to have passed away, aged 64. Farewell to a unique, enigmatic and compelling voice. R.I.P.

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - Ruby - 26-02-2019

^An appreciation -

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - CRAZY-HORSE - 04-03-2019

KEITH FLINT (vocals for Prodigy)

aged 49

no cause of death as the story is still breaking news in the UK

heres the initial article:

best way to describe Prodigy is EDM Punk

my favourite:

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - CRAZY-HORSE - 12-03-2019

HAL BLAINE (90) -drummer.


I can guarantee you've all got music in your collection that contain his stick work...

session drummer who played on over 250 Gold/Platinum US Billboard hits including 
almost 200 US number one/top ten hits...

worked with every one from Count Bassie to Elvis Presley and everything between including
Ronettes, Beach Boys, Sinatra, Richard Harris and Roy Orbison to name a few...

he famously once said " ive got the best job in the world, after breakfast i'd be laying down a track for Shirley Bassey, after lunch
working with Beach Boys and in the evening jamming with Elvis"

the article:

RE: Musical Deaths 2019: - Ruby - 12-03-2019

^R.I.P. Hal Blaine ... how fabulous to have lived such a long and productive life and to have been a part of so much creativity! Seems he was everywhere - The Wrecking Crew - a phenomenon unlikely to be repeated.