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Introduction - valeriejones40 - 22-11-2018

Hi everyone, I'm val a true music geek. how are you all? who are you most into? Christina is my absolute fave.

RE: Introduction - Music Head - 22-11-2018

welcome to the machine Val
I'm into everything until I'm not
jump into the forums
make yourself known
hope you enjoy your stay

RE: Introduction - SteveO - 23-11-2018

Quote:Welcome aboard the Great MD, Val ! I enjoy all music genres if it's good.

RE: Introduction - Ruby - 23-11-2018

Welcome to MD Val. 
Eclectic here.  Smile

RE: Introduction - Jerome - 23-11-2018

Welcome to the site Valerie - quite a diverse bunch of music fans here. Explore the site and enjoy.