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NEW ALBUM: Tony Banks - Five - Ruby - 09-04-2018

[Image: 220px-Tony_Banks_Five_cover.jpg]
Gosh. Most impressive! Not having listened to any of his classical albums, I had no idea how proficient Mr Banks was in this department. Now I do. Here he enlists the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and choir and Nick Ingman (orchestrations, conductor), and together they have made an album of really lovely, accessible, symphonic instrumental music in the classical vein. I loved it … it’s a celebration of tones and moods with stirring melodies and great big exciting washes of sound nicely balanced with littler ‘airs’ that somehow get to the heartstrings.

The album comprises five movements (go figure Rolleyes ) of around ten-ish minutes each except the fifteen and half minute opener, “Prelude to a Million Years”. The final track, “Renaissance” really conjures up that time of magical reawakening, IMHO, along with a fair amount of pomp and grandeur – it’s quite cinematic - the album generally has something of the feel of a soundtrack actually – an unseen movie for the mind. Funny that there should be another track of similar name in “Reveille”, which literally means a bugle call to wake up.

RE: NEW ALBUM: Tony Banks - Five - Jerome - 10-04-2018

While I admire this man's abilities this particular piece of music does not develop enough for me. It seems to be stuck in a rut of some sort??!!?? Maybe I'm losing it.....

RE: NEW ALBUM: Tony Banks - Five - Ruby - 11-04-2018

^Probably not. It IS repetitive, I thought maybe it was intended to be that way? Persistent, as in the wakey wakey call, although I do hear three distinct sections (unless I’m imaging things, which wouldn’t be unusual). That motif is really stuck in my ear now - fortunately I don't mind. Lol!

I think one either just does, or doesn’t enjoy a piece of music, and no analysis or explanation of it is likely to change that. Then again – sometimes it might!

Perhaps try “Prelude to a Million Years” – if the mood strikes Smile

RE: NEW ALBUM: Tony Banks - Five - Jerome - 14-04-2018

His solo album - A Curious Feeling is worth a listen. So many albums, so little time.....