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What key am I in please? - Morpethian - 11-11-2017

I haven't studied any musical theory for about three years now, and in those days I wasn't trying to write songs.

I have just written a refrain for what seems to have the making of a nice song, but in order to develop it, it might help me to know what key I am in.

I am using the notes B, C, C#, D, and D#.  No major or minor scale contains more than three of those notes, and F major and D minor contain just two notes each.

How do I work out which key I am in please?

RE: What key am I in please? - Jerome - 12-11-2017

You aren't in any specific key. In order to be in a certain key you have to be playing notes of a diatonic scale - you are playing notes of a chromatic scale -and then only some of them. In theory you can have any chord you want behind the notes you are playing as long as those chords contain some of the notes you are playing but it won't sound pretty! The chromatic scale is used for decorative purposes and not usually used for western popular music.