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News from Mike Oldfield - Jerome - 29-10-2017

A message from Mike on Tubular net.

'Hope you will love Return to Ommadawn as much as I do, it is coming out very soon. As usual working on the next project and working on a Super Advanced music player for TB4 that will have multitrack mixing and virtual reality as well as the usual high definition Audio'.

Seems Tubular Bells IV is on the way!

RE: News from Mike Oldfield - CRAZY-HORSE - 29-10-2017

are you looking forward to it J-Man or do you have reservations about it already???

RE: News from Mike Oldfield - Jerome - 29-10-2017

I hope it's a long instrumental like the original and not a bunch of unrelated songs stuck together and called Tubular Bells 4. Will have to wait and see.