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Hi guys I'm from India - yash - 24-09-2015

Hey guys, I loved music since i was pretty young.. im 21 years old. My favourite band is Pink Floyd like i worship them. Guns n roses too. Smile My passion has gotten so big for music that i decided to go to guitar classes when i was at the age of 15.. then later keyboard classes too!! and then vocals, which i didnt even finish now.. i love writing songs and recently this passion has taken me to the release of my first song called as Million Moons Smile Please check it out and gimme suggestions so that i can grow better in the coming future Smile

Thank you guys!!

Hi guys I'm from India - JJ24 - 25-09-2015

Hi man, welcome on board! Smile
I listened to your track and it was some quite pleasant listening. I liked the melody in chorus, good work. And that girl in your video really has the most pretty eyes Smile. Keep working on your singing, mainly on resonance (sometimes I heard you being a little throaty) and you'll be fine.

Hi guys I'm from India - yash - 25-09-2015

Thanks bro!! :redface: Will surely improve on that.. Thanks alot about your feedback Smile Means alot!!

Hi guys I'm from India - JJ24 - 25-09-2015

No prob, man Wink