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Full Version: ICONventional - A different approach to 'pay-as-you-want' music
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Hello MusicDiscussion! We're ICONventional and we want to change the way music is acquired and distributed between artists and their fans. Every week, we feature five artists on a 'pay what you want' album in which the majority of the proceeds is given to the artists. Our ultimate goal is to provide independent artists with the monetary/fan support needed to push forward in the music industry.

Our first promotion has just gone live, take a look at it here: If you'd like to submit content for a future promotion, you can do so on our 'contact us' page. And if you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear them!
I see you are no longer in business. Your business model of 'screw the artist and take all the profits for doing diddley squat' obviously did not work. Ain't karma a bitch.