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Full Version: What Are You Listening To?
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"Rebel Without a Pause" - Public Enemy
Public Enemy were pretty good but not my favourite at all.
let it rock - lil wayne&kevin ruldolph
U Cef - Halalwood

Once again, lent by a work colleague. It's an album by a Moroccan artist, and it's arguable that this qualifies as Rap.

There's definitely a very Hip-Hop feel to this, but it also encompasses Electronica, and is plastered with Arabic flourishes. So this is Electronic Arabic Hip-Hop.

I think...

Not an album I'd have encountered in the normal run of things, but very good.


Apathy - 1,000 Grams
I am bumping some PM Dawn a little throwback!
Don't Matter - Akon
get busy-sean paul


The Roots - Step Into the Realm


A Tribe Called Quest - Rap Promoter