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Full Version: Who do you think is the most important and influential metal artist of all time?
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I thought I'd have a go at creating a poll. So who do you think is the most influential and important metal artist of all time?

Any suggestions other than those on the poll are also welcome in your comments, whether they are classic metal artists, thrash, death, doom, black, power or the latest metalcore artist.

Debate, discuss, whatever...
My first encounter with metal...Black Sabbath!
I would have to go with Metallica. I think they are the rock icons to beat. - Ethan
Out of those I'd have to go with Iron Maiden, they were a huge influence on In Flames, Dark Tranquility and At The Gates whom all pretty much created Melodic Death which then went on to create pretty much every other modern day sub genre of metal we have come to encounter today..
I would say that Motorhead were one of the bands that switched me on to metal. Interestingly while their music is to me half metal/half rock'n'roll Lemmy once said that he closely identifies with punk both in attitude and spirit.
I agree inconditionally.
Sabbath. Zeppelin are probably the first band that could be credited as hard rock or heavy metal. Before that it was all bluesy rock or psychedelia, which was all getting heavier but nothing prepared people for the monstrous scream of Robert Plant's voice and Jimmy Page's fantastic guitar playing. Sabbath took it to another level though. The atmosphere, the distortion, the dense rhythm section, all of it was predated in the late 60s but nothing completely reached that eerie, dark, and insanely heavy level. Other bands weren't quite reaching the craziness of Sabbath(think that the emerging hard rock bands were Queen, and Thin Lizzy, who did a much more upbeat thing), but then NWOBHM came and everything was different.
I like Slayer and Deftones.
Imagine a cold February winter...a teenager who is awestruck by The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Who, Ten Years After, CSNY, Pink Floyd, etc,,, and borrows an album from a friend...hears haunting church bells and then pouring rain and thunder,,,then a thunderous guitar riff of the doom tone! Scared the living crap out of me!!!

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