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Full Version: What is your all time favourite rock album ?
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^^I think images that disappear have some sort of built-in copy protection. It depends on the source. Wiki pics stay up, for example, and some others - allmusic, and Amazon, etc., - it may be to do with whatever the site protocols/formats are that you’re copying from. Just hazarding a guess!
No, because I cannot remember where I got them from. The last one came from Wikipedia, so it should be fairly safe.
TEN- Pearl jam
Appetite for destruction - GnR
The "Appetite For Destruction" really doesn't have a single bad song on it. From the intro song to "Rocket Queen" at the end. Kick ass album. Head to toe. Same with Boston and Van Halen's opening debut albums.
I pretty much haven't stopped listening to Tom Fuller's album since it came out last year.. Proper epic rock LP

Rainbow - On Stage - this is how you open a rock concert -
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