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Full Version: What is your all time favourite rock album ?
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music head Wrote:yea, take that crazy-horse

lol mh....
Probably my all time favorite is Misfits - Walk Among Us LP. Before that KISS - Alive was what got me into playing guitar & wanting to be a rock star. Learning how to play "Deuce" is what did it. That was a LOT easier than trying to play along to Iron Maiden. :biggrin:
I like Reckless (1984) by Bryan Adams and i like summer of 69..
I like the song "Summer of 69". Don't know which album.
Led Zeppelin- The Song Remains The Same
My own favourite rock album is "Script for a Jester's Tear" .

My favorite rock album would change from hour to hour or day to day my favorite rock group is still The Beatles even though I have listened to all kinds of music for over 40 years !!!!! opinion has never wavered!
My favorite classic rock album is Pink Floyd, Animals. That band was really progressive! Pipers at the Gates of Dawn is really cool too.
In the blues rock category I would almost go with Get Your Wings, Rocks, or Toys In The Attic. I think Areosmith's raw blues rock originality ended with Rocks.
Good band is Marillion !
Simran Wrote:My own favourite rock album is "Script for a Jester's Tear" .

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