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Full Version: What is the total albums in your possession?
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Yes, I'm curious...we are all music fan, old and young, so I wonder how many albums everyone of you accumulated over the years? Don't matter if it's vinyl, cassettes or CD; just add them all and share your total here! I'm sure there is some impressive collections out here...

Me? I have about 380 in total, and I'm 30 y/o. So I have another 30 years of additions to make. (edit: I realize here that I set my death age to 60...weird) I wonder if I will double it?

Of course, no need to be precise, just a approximation...__________________________
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far too many, if i played one a day for four years i'd get through them all i guess.
around 4000
I'm around 1500-2000CoolCool
I'm around 1500-2000CoolCool
Just over 2500.
Gah... ran a store... had maybe 3000 at home, rotating, too much really. Then my bro got serious with a store and added ten thou more.
Then, got rid of ALL of them. Everything.
Have a much better collection of great rare albums on PC than could have ever afforded otherwise.
Tiggi Wrote:Just over 2500.

Sorry, that should be just under 2500...
Tiggi Wrote:Sorry, that should be just under 2500...

good thing you corrected that
I was about to call you on it
I knew it couldn't be over
My conscience couldn't withstand the fact that I'd accidentally exaggerated the size of my collection...
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