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Full Version: Get a Chance to Live Like the King of Pop
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Good news for the fans of the king of pop – Michael Jackson, you can now sleep on Jackson’s bed in the Irish country mansion which was once the home of the late star and his kids, but, is now open to public. The estate owner Paddy Dunning is offering the holiday makers and the fans of Jackson to live life like the king of pop. Jackson’s fans can now stay at the Coolatore House for a weekend or so and sleep in Jackson’s bed for upwards of $1,500.__________________________
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im sure Gary Glitter's bed would be cheaper and i wouldnt sleep there neither.
give me a friggin break
Does the bathroom include 'Bubbles'?

I would not spend a night in this establishment even if they were paying me!  

In any case, Elvis, the Beatles and ABBA were much better than MJ. At least they could come up with with decent lyrics as opposed to going 'ooh', 'aah' at every available opportunity to create a false sense of 'excitement'.