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Algorithmic Composition as a Model of Musical Creativity: Can Computers be Creative?
Today's music production is dependent on computer-aided tools. The versatility and efficiency of audio software makes them a natural part of the process of making music. But, more and more, it also raises the question: Can today's audio software be creative by itself? It wasn’t a long time ago this question was almost more theoretical then practical.
Sign up for an invitation to be put on company's beta-testing email list for Virtual Music Composer Version 4.0.
Virtual Music Composer - current version 3.0 - is the only product of "LvB's X". Accordingly, all efforts are directed toward improvements in performance and efficiency of algorithms.
What's new in V4.0?
1. much more sophisticated algorithms (new ones) for composing and improvements in old ones2. "waiting..." / processing time decreased by over 75%3. full PRO version instead of 250MB - now less then 10MB4. total midi support ( each piano line: main theme, harmony, rhythm,...)5. the usability of user interface - improved and simplified

Registration: / subject: Beta V4.0.
Algorithms can without doubt be very creative processes but they are limited by the rules that define them. It's when you step outside of the mathematical framework that you find true creativity. Personally, I like a combination of the two. A marriage of technology and independent, free thought. The best of both worlds. Right, time to take my pills....