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Full Version: Most Embarassing CDS/Records you've found during a clearout??
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Ever come across any old shitty records stashed away and thought "What the hell was I thinking when I bought this back in '19--'?". You have?? Then feel free to dedicate this thread to making an arse of yourself! :happy:

I shouldn't really share this but what the heck. Just clearing out an old box and came across the remainder of my old cd singles (wtf?) collection which I had in the late 90s/early 00s. Some real stinkers of songs there. Heres what I found:

Nowadays, this song makes me want to vomit. Don't know which planet I was on back in the day!

Perhaps the most embarassing of all. This is from 1999!

The last 2 below I confess I have actually kept as I think they are still pretty good songs, especially this one. But that's just cos I'm a sadass :wink:.

This one is not bad either.

So there you have it, my pathetic taste in music from 10 years ago :tsk:. Thank god the rest are nowhere to be found! Let's hear yours!
Think I've posted this before...

I have an album by Ellis, Beggs, & Howard called Homelands.

[Image: Ellis-Beggs--Howard-Homelands-193269.jpg]

Nick Beggs was the bass player in awful UK Pop band Kajagoogoo. The album's not a complete disaster, but it's not great...

Can't remember for the life of me what drew me to this one.
[Image: 512%2BnUVtp4L._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

from 1976....terrible album, contains cover versions of 'papa,oom mow mow'(released as a single) and 'the wanderer' cringeworthy.
also contains the single:
[Image: s6705_300.jpg]

...very apt title.

this album is just plain bad
Have you ever heard the things he did in the 60s as Paul Raven........................If not you have not heard him at his worst!
uh-huh, ive heard Paul Raven so i know exactly what you mean....actually my mum was a big fan of Paul Raven, she's got a photo of her and Paul Raven outside the Bedford Granada in the mid 1960s,he was a big deal down our way back then...apparently???
as GG, he did make several really good songs 'always yours' and 'i love you love me love' were my favourites.
i havent listened to him for a while now,cant bring myself to after his paedophillia episodes.
Gary Glitter was first a disgrace to music & then mankind. Perhaps the only good thing he ever did was inspire Oasis' opening track 'Hello' from their overrated 'Whats the Story (Morning Glory)' album. Even then it was plaigarised just like most of their work...

Uh-oh! Just found this beast lurking on the bottom shelf of my cd shelf....
[Image: 28952.gif]
great thread!this could go on forever
this one is a 7" single i own...what was i thinking??
I'm guessing that's from the 80s huh? Pretty annoying with the repetitiveness of it all. Just remembered another red-faced moment from the late 90s when I actually physically went out of my way to purchase this single when it came out. None other than Eastenders legend Martine McCutcheon!


And I thought finding Abba was bad...
hey, lay off Abba

one of my guilty pleasures
Music Head Wrote:hey, lay off Abba

one of my guilty pleasures

im not an ABBA fan, but i appreciate the skills of Benny/Bjorn as writers. the only album of theirs i own is 'super trouper' on vinyl, that album is very good and the songs are 'mature' none of that 'ring,ring' 'dancing queen' teenage pop rubbish
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