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Full Version: please can i have some advice for backing music for powerboat racing!!
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hey! trying to get peoples views on what would be a good backing music for powerboat racing videos, have a look at this and tell me what you think would enhance it!

if it gives you any inspiration the website is at this link
Your post would normally have been deleted for containing a link in your first 10 posts, but a bit of discretion has been applied as it might be interesting to see the response.

The noisy metallic stuff backing your clip would appear to be the preferred option. Not my thing, so no recommendations from me...
thanks for the reply and advice!
You're welcome.
Hey man. I definitely think you're on the right track with some heavy stuff. Just I think it could be a bit heavier!

I personally think this would be the perfect track to back your video:

anything guitar based with a simple riff would be good, i think. ac/dc style.
i find that on sports shows i watch that the intro to 'thunderstruck' seems to work a treat with any high performance sport clips
This is awesome stuff guys, please keep the ideas coming. great stuff.
i like the idea of heavy music as a about a slightly more classical intro with a drop into metal as the exciting powerboat action starts?

let me know your thoughts...
When you mentioned metal with a classical intro I immediately thought of Metallica's S&M concert. If The Architects is a bit too heavy then this may be just what your looking for:



yeah, this all sounds great for the video! I'll get cracking with it after the race in Southampton this weekend where hopefully I'll got some good footage of the boats! Superstock is exciting stuff so hopefully the music will match that!!

Thanks for all your help
Try the theme from Miami Vice.