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Full Version: What Are You Listening To?
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Noticed this genre didn't have this thread.

I am actually listening to Madonna, who I am starting to like more and more.
These days I am grooving to Eric Solomon. He has great lyrics and his music is always fun to dance or sing along.
I'm listening to David Sylvian, if you'd consider him pop.
Sylvian could probably fit into any one of a number of categories, depending on what you're listening to.
Chic - Ultimate Chic
I'm not sure if she is pop. Actually I dont know what she is. But I'm totally in love with Willa Ford at the moment. Even tho she is just like another Britney Spears.
Ace Young - Hard Hand To Hold. Anyone heard it? My friend at Fontana just showed me him and I actually like it
The Dualers - The Melting Pot

This is a Ska album, so Pop seems closest.

Bought this after Mrs Tiggi saw the band busking recently, and recommended an interweb search. Very good indeed.
I'm watching a concert video of Mike Patton's Mondo Cane, basically orchestral reinterpretations of 60's Italian pop. It's pure gold - no! - platinum.
My friend just saw Eric perform in Calgary and told me to listen to him, I was really impressed but his sound and his voice does remind me a bit of Gavin DeGraw but he has a more soulful and funky vibe.