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Full Version: The Endless River
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[Image: 220px-Pink_Floyd_-_The_Endless_River_%28Artwork%29.jpg]

to be honest i havent heard this album but was listeningĀ in to a discussion about it yesterday so i am curious of anyone and everyone's thoughts about it based on that overheard conversation:

who ended up purchasing this album?

have your opinions changed since its initial release or dont you play it anymore?

do you still feel it was an unnecessary release?

would it have made a better bonus disc to one of the box sets instead of a stand alone album?
I bought it when it came out but was disappointed by it. To me it's just a collection of sound bytes with no real direction. I don't listen to it anymore and regard it as nothing more than a money-making exercise. Loved the front cover of the album but that is about the only thing I like about it.