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And one of the best books I have ever read.
^Me too. One of two books with perfect musical counterparts, IMHO. The Snow Goose being the second. 

8. "Tears and Pavan" - Strawbs, Bursting at the Seams. Plenty more Strawbs tracks I really love but this album was the first I heard, and this track in particular just stays with me. Sang it to my baby girls - the pavan part, that is!

In “Be” there was so much beauty in a so short title, too
Since one its themes regards the word “if”…

Again – there are many Camel tracks that I love, both instrumental and sung. This has always stood out for me, and it can stand alone, whereas I do think that it’s difficult to pick out specific tracks on some of their albums – they need to be heard in their entirety. This is stunning IMHO … (instrumental) ...

9. "Ice" - Camel, I Can See Your House From Here

Gotta love Levon ... 

10. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - The Band, The Band (written by Robbie Robertson)

he shall be a good man
if i was doing a list of favourite songs as opposed to what i considered to be best songs then The Band's version of that song would be in it
(13-05-2023, 16:40)Music Head Wrote: [ -> ]he shall be a good man

I would happily wager that you could hold an entire conversation in lyrics MH. I had to Google that one!
I’m convinced Don McLean must have been reading Irving Stone’s Lust for Life when he was inspired to write this incredible song. A wonderful, eye-opener of a book that transports you to another time and place - so important in revealing the mental anguish and pain behind the genius of van Gogh and bringing his works to life on the page in all their tortured, colourful glory. It’s a biographical novel so there is artistic licence, of course, but Stone himself was a genius with a gift for reanimating characters from centuries past to the extent that one feels as though one might have known them.

McLean’s is an equally lyrical outpouring - a painting in words – he wrote it spontaneously and in next to no time at all – it just flowed out of him. So fascinating, the spark that ignites imagination …  

11. "Vincent" - Don McLean, American Pie

hey I just posted that a couple days ago
great minds
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