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Full Version: crazy price for Crazy Horse 'live' album!
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so Uncle Neil has just released a new-old live album.
was recorded on 1990 from the US leg of the then current World Tour...
it is available as a 4 disc vinyl set for $220 or as a 4 vinyl set plus bonus double cd set for $245!
there is no release schedule for a simple cd release...WTF!

does Neil Young really expect fans to buy this???
seems like the old hippy has turned into a fully fledged capitalist in the extreme!

A money making exercise - nothing more. If he thought the recordings were good enough when he made them he would have released them. He didn't. Speaks volumes.
a bloody scam,
well no, not really,
no one is forcing me to purchase these releases but as a big fan it would be nice to have the choice to purchase or not on the material and not the price tag.