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Full Version: INDUCTEES, MD Hall of Fame
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These are artists that were nominated by members for the MD Hall of Fame. 

B.B. King -

Beach Boys, The -

Beatles, The -

Bee Gees -

Billy Joel -

Bob Dylan -

Bob Marley -

Ella Fitzgerald -

Elton John -

Elvis Costello -

Frank Sinatra -

Igor Stravinsky -

John Fahey -

Led Zeppelin -

Mark Knopfler -

Marvin Gaye -

Miles Davis -

Moody Blues, The -

Music Head -

Neil Diamond -

Neil Young & Crazy Horse -

Pink Floyd -

Queen -

Rolling Stones, The -

The list will be updated on this page as and when there are any further nominations. Anyone can nominate an artist who must then get a minimum of 5 votes in order to make the list. Please see the Rules and Guidelines thread for more info -
Glad that my idea has been revived ! Thanks Ruby !

all good SteveO
sometimes things get lost and found or...
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