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Full Version: Covid-19
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this subject seems to be taking up a fair bit of conversation so I thought it appropriate that it gets its own thread for future comments to keep other threads free for general comment.

first comment:

most Australian States including here in Western Australia have now been declared "states of emergency" by their/our relative Governments.

my question is:

what aren't our Governments telling us because it seems theres something more serious than we are being told here???
One thing I know for sure, via a reliable source, is that the number of cases being reported is not correct. It's a lot, lot more. North Korea for one has not reported a single case - Iran is not reporting the correct number of cases and I am sure a lot of the African countries don't even have stats on the infection rate. England is running out of ventilators. Spain, Italy, South Korea all in serious trouble. I think the whole situation is a lot more serious than people realize. There is only one way to get out of this mess - a vaccine is needed super-fast. Isolating people is just not going to cut it.
You've got to wonder about some people - been looking at some of the comments being made by people on social media sites and newsfeeds. Everyone has their own take on this thing - here's one guy's response to the virus.

'I'd like to start by were lousy in bed.' LOL!
calling his (obviously now) ex-GF a Louse...
could have been worse
could have been a Bed Bug.
this one took longer than I thought it would...

a woman charged by Perth Police with stealing face masks and hand sanitiser from a Perth Hospital:
^Our criminals have jumped onto this whole thing with great alacrity. Knocking on the door and pretending to be part of a Covid-19 taskforce taking swabs for testing, along with cellphones, laptops, etc. Doesn’t take long for these characters to take advantage of a bad situation, and people are sooooo gullible.

After the president’s announcement of a state of national disaster yesterday (had to be done in order to curtail what would normally be considered basic human rights - freedom of association, etc.,), turns out we too are panic buying, except it’s mostly food that’s flying off the shelves, all of which just goes to show we are far more concerned with what goes into our stomachs than, well, you know … !! Still haven’t had the loo roll memo, lol!

Where are people storing all this stuff?? Even the fresh produce has gone – what’s that about? It won’t keep. Ridiculous. Makes a very good case for a veggie garden.

Meanwhile, someone took some photos and made a slide show of a deserted Milan – unlikely to occur very often I’d have thought! Let’s hope not, anyway ….  

i dropped Dani off at work this morning and went to the supermarket across the road from her Pharmacy to buy a few things...

bottled water, meat for dinner, frozen Veggies, gravy, bread and milk... they had none!

went to two more supermarkets before I found what I needed to get.

this crap with panic buying is getting beyond a joke.
It' s going to get a lot worse. As for buying stuff - toilet rolls and fresh food should be way down the list. Tinned food, pasta frozen veg is the way to go. Stuff that can last for a while. Might not make for exciting meals but at least you will have food. The worrying things is that if people in informal settlements run out of food there is going to be mayhem. I can see mass rioting on the horizon if that happens.
….and the Doomsday Preppers will be saying "we told you so" LOL
VERY disturbing -

Total number of cases has jumped from 61000 to 100000 worldwide (excluding China) in 24 hours. Scary stuff. There is going to be a major economic meltdown worldwide. It's going to take a long time to come back from this.

For those that possibly don't know, the virus has a fatty membrane that keeps it alive and protected. Washing your hands - and the rest of you as well with any degreasing type agent (soap, dishwashing liquid etc.) breaks that membrane down and kills off the virus. Also does not like extreme heat. Flourishes in cold weather.