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Full Version: NEW ALBUM: Ozzy Osbourne "ordinary man"
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[Image: 220px-Ordinary_Man.jpg]

Spotify listen:

first solo set from Ozzy in a decade.
as he admits, he was "too lazy" and "hadn't got the fucking strength"
to go through the whole recording process until Post Malone called him to
feature on a song he was writing and the rest was history after Ozzy replied
"who the fuck is Post Malone?" LOL
half the album is pretty good, love the duet with Elton, yes, Sir Reggie!
Post Malone on a couple of tracks and fellow rapper Travis Scott appears also.
like enough of it to pick it up from a discount bin but not pay full price for it.
this aint no Blizzard Of Ozz and there aint no Mr Crowley on here.

singles already posted elsewhere so heres another I actually love:

(loved the live version at the AMA's a few weeks ago but couldn't find it)

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #3

courtesy of Spotify

didn't know it had been that long since his last
it was ok
Elton was the best

the best for sure
sums up both their lives perfectly IMO
Yeah, some seem immortal! Wink
I love the guy ! Saw Black Sabbath in 2013 and they brought me to tears , so reminiscent of my beloved youth !

Ozzy was dousing himself with buckets of water on stage......ha ha