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Full Version: things that P!ss me off!
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so we all get annoyed by things, that's human nature

so what P's you off?

get it off your chest here:
when I click on a story on MSN to only have to click on dozens of "next" buttons to read the whole article
calling the contest "Miss Universe" when only Earthlings enter???

America still on the Imperial measure system Gallons, Feet/Yards, Ounces etc but refer to firearms in metric millimetres
good on both of those

for me commercials top the list
and the list gets longer as you get older
I do my best to avoid them whether it's the tv or the computer
just went to a new tv service, streaming Hulu now
I'm pissed
it will not let you zap commercials
prior service was Dish where I could record everything I watched (except news)
the purpose was to not have to watch commercials
I can still record but now I have to suffer through them
my only defense is the mute button
still a lot of time wasted
Brad Paisley getting booted from the CMA award show hosting job most definitely does not sit well with me. I want an awards show, not an all night hen session!

God bless you and Brad Paisley always!!!

Holly (a day one fan of him)
finally see the usually passive Holly getting P'd off with something LOL
Insurance companies. Here in Ireland they are continually bitching about their 'small' profit margins but they never stop advertising. EVERY TV ad break there is an ad for insurance. Now if their profit margins are so small where are they getting the money to run ads continuously day and night 365 days a year on National Television. Insurance is the single biggest scam to be visited upon the human race.
which is why I never supported requiring people to purchase health insurance
Hear, hear. If a country cannot maintain the health of it's population then the government of the day should be booted out. Pure and simple.
totally agree...

a Government should supply the following:

adequate healthcare
quality education
law and order/National Security
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