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Full Version: New Album: Albert de Rippe
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ALBERT DE RIPPE - Music for Lute - Paul O'Dette (Lute) - Lute after Magno Tieffenbrucker - 3149020227527 - Released: October 2019 - Harmonia mundi 902275

This seems to be the first recording devoted entirely to the music of Albert de Rippe (c. 1480-1551), an Italian composer and lutenist who was born in Mantua. He was appointed to the court of Francis I after moving to France in 1528. Most of his music was only published posthumously by his pupil Guillaume de Morlaye. One has to keep in mind that instrumental music was rare in the 16th century since most of the music at the time was strictly written for voices, so lutenists had to be very creative and Albert de Rippe was considered one of the most innovative for his time. Paul O'Dette points out in the booklet notes that while most of his contemporaries wrote in three-part counterpoint, de Rippe often used five and six-note chords to imitate the sound of a choir.

I listened
didn't seem to go anywhere for me
(13-10-2019, 00:33)CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: [ -> ]I listened
didn't seem to go anywhere for me

Most 16th century music didn’t.