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I thought I would start a thread (where anyone can contribute)

the idea is to post songs that were written as tributes to other musicians (living or dead), and not just, for example, lets say, Paul McCartney singing a cover of 'something' as a George Harrison tribute

lets not hog the thread, just one post per day per member, that also gives the thread some longevity...

so I will start it off

the original studio version with strings audio

and the live acoustic version, no strings 

Poco's "Crazy Eyes" - written for Gram Parsons - released just four days before he died as a result of having ingested enough morphine to fell a sizeable carthorse, not to mention the alcohol he'd consumed in addition. As macabre as it is, I just love that his friends hijacked his body from LAX, drove it out to the desert (Joshua Tree National Park) that he had loved, and proceeded to attempt a cremation. His wish had been that his ashes should be scattered in the park whereas his stepfather was insisting on a private funeral in Louisiana. As it is, he went out in an inglorious blaze. 

From Wiki ... "Upon reaching the Cap Rock section of the park, they attempted to cremate Parsons' body by pouring five gallons of gasoline into the open coffin and throwing a lit match inside. What resulted was an enormous fireball. The police gave chase but, as one account puts it, the men "were unencumbered by sobriety," and they escaped."

"Under a Raging Moon" - Roger Daltrey. For Keith Moon - written by John Parr and Julia Downes. Fantastic photograph. Also played (at length) and recorded live by John Entwistle -

thanks for that Ruby,
I never knew that was a tribute to The Loon
Stevie Nicks Tribute to Dave Mathews Band ‘Crash Into Me’

Disturbed very dark tribute to Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’

Dave Matthews Band's tribute to Dylan/Hendrix ! The electric violinist blows me away at 7: 41 !
Yes, the violinist is brilliant but I always found this performance too slow to start moving and stretched out for too long.
Couldn't choose between these three tributes to Victor Jara - sorry CH  Blush ... 

First - an astonishing, emotional performance by The Boss of Victor Jara's "Manifiesto" - in Chile ...

Calexico's live version of "Victor Jara's Hands" which sounds quite different to the studio version - the studio clips sound very boomy to me so going with this one ...

And lastly, Arlo Guthrie's tribute ... 

I'm going with Arlo
love that album
^Me too.

Jackson Browne's song written for the young Inara as a tribute to her father, Little Feat frontman, Lowell George. 

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