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Full Version: NEW SINGLE: Trippie Redd ft. Lil Baby & Lil Duke - Mac 10
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enters the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart at #64

I don't like it

another classic set of lyrics here. Lennon/McCartney and Dylan aint got nuthin' on this guy

I'ma hop out with that MAC-10 (I'ma hop out with that MAC-10)
Pussy get shot for that cappin' (Yeah)
Pussy get popped 'bout that actin' (Pussy get popped 'bout that)
Please say hello to my gat, bitch (Please say hello to my)
I'ma slime his ass, bro, on my slatt shit (Slatt shit)
Bitch not my blood on my blatt shit (Blatt shit)
I'm from 800 block where we whack shit (Whack shit)
If I want it, I take that, we snatch shit (Snatch shit)

[Verse 1: Lil Duke]
I'm at the top of the penthouse (Penthouse)
Your nigga pocket on lint ball (Lint ball)
Elliot Diamonds like Kristoff (Elliot)
You cannot trap with no pistol (No pistol)
These niggas lame and they not in my league (My league)
Rich nigga smell like Gelato and cream (Cream)
Freaky lil' bitch and she swallow my seed (Seed)
I keep a gat and a bitch on her knees (Slatt)
We stick together like Cuban links (Cuban links)
Trippin' with Trippie, I came in a mink (Trippin')
We out in public, they flashing the cameras (Flash)
Look at my diamonds, they wet like a sink (Woosh)
All of my bitches be bad to the bone (To the bone)
And they know I'm a king at the top of the throne (Throne)
Flew out to Spain, they was singing my song
I got that stick and I'm never alone