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Full Version: NEW ALBUM: Wagons "songs from the aftermath"
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[Image: 91BDls1+uUL._AC_UY218_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

Aussie band, never heard of 'em…
eighth studio set...
baritone of Cash,Cohen,Cave…
maybe some Lloyd Cole/Commotions similarities on some tracks also...

Ruby, if your still looking for a new album to listen to this week, try this one...
MH, got a feeling you will probably really like/love this one (so break your routine and listen dude!)

on my 'to purchase' list, superb stuff IMO


^Huh! Had a listen. I like some of that. Thanks.

Nice album cover too. Love the graphic style and clever perspective.

Two that stood out, for whatever reason! ... "Take Me To Your Leader" -

And "Wake Up" ... 

you knew you had me the Cohen reference
best of the year?
love the Cave
not a bad track on there (well maybe Burn With Me)
and I love we all have different favs
thanks for the relief mate


best of the year?...could well be, its well up there for me mate...

glad I gave you some relief from all that Rap Crap mate, and thanks for listening.