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Full Version: NEW ALBUM: Calexico/Iron & Wine - Years to Burn
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CALEXICO / IRON & WINE ~ Years to Burn

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I usually enjoy listening to Calexico and have been a great admirer of Joey Burns and John Convertino and their alternative sounds, but am beginning to suspect that their best may already have been given – some time back too. This collaboration with Iron & Wine just schmoozes along and goes exactly nowhere, IMHO.

Calexico has occasionally teetered on the edge of schmoozing a tad too much but previously successfully maintained their exceptionally fine balancing act; they’ve teetered off that tightrope now, I think. Ok - that is probably an exaggeration, there are moments, one or two numbers which ignite interest, and I’d know who it was without being told, so their signature sound is intact, albeit diluted, but it’s a messy throwaway affair, difficult to listen to properly because there’s nothing to focus on and as a result, it’s mostly forgettable. I know little of Iron & Wine’s (Sam Beam’s) albums, never having made it right the way through one before (maybe he’s the main schmoozer?), and this release doesn’t make me want to investigate him further. It was not a good pairing this time around (they've previously made an EP together). To my ears, they don’t complement and energise one another – there is zero spark and it made me feel tired. 
(Just read a review which praises this particular collaboration as being made in improvisational, sonically textured heaven, so don’t take my word for it. Dodgy Lol!)
Iron & Wine sung “Father Mountain” -
Joeys Burns wrote and sings on this one … “Midnight Sun” –

i have Calexico's album from last year, I love it, eclectic band...
will get round to hearing this new one at some point also...
^Be interesting to know what you think. I have several of their much older albums which I prefer to the more recent.
okay, will get to it on Tuesday
Oh dear. I may be obliged to eat one or two words.  Rolleyes
"Father Mountain" has become an earworm. It is strangely compelling.
don't worry Ruby, i have enough Humble Pie for every one to share!

I listened:

loved the first three tracks: What Heaven's Left, Midnight Sun and Father Mountain...

fourth track, Outside El Paso, the instrumental just didn't fit in with the rest of the sounds on the album, I was totally confused by it, I did not like it

Follow The Water...I cant remember it, so I guess it wasn't that memorable for me. I obviously didnt like it

The Bitter Suite, a song with three individual parts, none of which seemed to flow to me, just sounded like three unfinished tracks stuck together, I didn't like it

Years To Burn, offered so much potential for me but failed to really get out of first gear, I did not like it.

and finally,

In Your Own Time, on par with the first three track for me...
lovely harmonies and melody, I loved it...

all up loved four tracks, disliked the remaining four, which is a shame because when these guys are good, they are very good.

if I had to pick a favourite track it would be Midnight Sun (already posted in the original post)
^Lol! Re Humble Pie, I'm sure you do!

Yep - didn't really get out of the starting blocks, for me. I think they're better mostly on their own. 

And having said that, they do a killer cover of Dylan's "One More Cup of Coffee" with Roger McGuinn - IMHO - you may disagree ... sure others will - I'll take my chances! 

(I do love Dylan's original btw - they're quite different, I think - that trumpet - those mad strings, lol!)
I listened to One More Cup Of Coffee, love the Dylan original (obviously!)…

sounded like it belongs somewhere south of the Rio Grande...I loved it, a unique take on the Dylan classic, youll get no disagreement from me