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Full Version: Been a long long time but......
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Many many moons ago I was a contributor/ admin here on this forum and I see many of my threads are still here and looked at .....I wonder......would I be welcome to return and post again...... Smile
Hi gryphon
I've seen plenty of your posts.
Welcome back!
Sure you don't need permission - please go for it. Big Grin
welcome back my friend
to the forum that never ends
come inside, come inside
Welcome back Gryphon ! Great to have you aboard !
welcome back Gryphon...

YES, YES, YES you are more than welcome were a vital member of MD back in the day and can once again become one should you choose mate!

Hmmm, now all we need is Tiggi to return!
Thank you one and all for such a warm welcome back.....I look forward to posting and chatting about music here again !