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Full Version: Youtube clip explains why music has basically gone backwards:
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well worth taking a listen to this:

Very true! I actually think that the kids today are going to have serious mental health issues later in life. Mobile phones have a lot to do with this. Short attention span is on the increase and people are becoming more isolated and insular. And the quality of the music has gone downhill. Especially the lyrics. It's all bimbo and gangster stuff these days. Oh yes, someone always has to be half-undressed and surrounded by airhead dancers to be considered marketable. The industry is in a complete mess. Ask yourself how many of the current batch of 'musicians' can actually play an instrument or compose anything. Simon Cowell has a lot to answer for.

And on a slightly different note - I have noticed that younger folk these days seem to be less capable of fixing things or figuring things out for themselves. If it can't be solved with an app they are at a loss. Recently at work, a guy was standing next to his car which had flat tire. He did not know where the spare was, did not know how to retrieve it from under the boot when shown it's location and could not figure out how to go about changing the wheel. A mate of mine obliged by doing this for him and once he had finished asked the guy what his role was in the company. The answer - I am a new graduate mechanical engineer!!!! God help the planet.

And the phone issue is not limited to the younger generation. I notice guys in their 40's, 50's and older who are constantly checking their phones, some obsessively, to the point where they can barely function in their respective roles anymore. It's becoming a major issue at work. A disease really. It'll all end in tears.
Macca allows the X Factor on the same stage ! Is there a comparison !

finally got around to this
very interesting clip
not sure I understand most of it 
kind of complicates the question I think
to break it down, it just sucks
Jerome summed it up for me very well
one thing he didn't mention as an impact to me
freaking video games
and the phone thing drives me nuts too
but that's not just kids
monkey see monkey do
I gotta go now
i'm getting pissed

oh, thanks for the clip