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Full Version: NEW ALBUM: Madeleine Peyroux - Anthem
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[Image: MI0004477669.jpg?]
The first track off the album "On My Own" is also the single – she’s a jazz singer with a distinctive smoky smooth voice that sounds as though it would be right at home in a speak easy - lovely warm timbre. A performer and an interpreter with a penchant for covering Leonard Cohen, as evidenced by the title of this new release – only the brave!! I think she does a very creditable “Dance Me to the End of Love” (if it MUST be done in a jazzy mood - – MH may disagree) - I’m not quite as convinced by her “Anthem”. However, having said that …

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”

Back to Anthem – there's a bluesy thing happening here in places I found, which is fun – at times an odd, almost musical hall vibe as well, and I was amused to note that Dean Parks plays pedal steel for her (and other guitars) – he’s a name I’ve been noticing and hearing all over the place of late. Another of those largely unknown session players without whom a few records would sound completely different, but that’s its own story. There’s also quite a bit of Hammond and Wurlitzer and a very oriental sounding woodwind on "Anthem" (not quite sure what it is). She’s very well supported in her choice of co-conspirators here - her singing is effortless and aside from two tracks, penned by herself as part of a team – she takes a wry look at life and reality, and I can’t remember her stuff being so loose and devil-may-care. She's come a long way from busking the streets of Paris, that's for sure. I liked this – good, quality listening – will probably pick up the CD at some point.

I listened to your linked track "on my own" Ruby...

I initially listened without watching the was good

I went back and watched the clip and actually like the song even more, cool vid!!
Glad you enjoyed that CH. Cool
courtesy of Spotify

had not heard this girl
isn't it fun to hear a new artist and like them
only 2 tracks I could pass on, Party Tyme and that French thing
anyone that covers Cohen works for me
listened to the Dance Me track

here's a studio of the other Cohen

^Yay! Glad you liked this album.
It reminds me of the times I have been to Paris. It has that open, unpretentious feeling so indicative of the clubs and dives in the City of Light. Paris has it's problems but you can find some really magical places off the beaten track. This music is a breath of fresh air. Sorely needed in this age of pre-manufactured rubbish so prevalent on the airwaves. Nice one Ruby.
^Pleased you like that one too Jerome. A hat-trick for Madeleine!

My daughter's living in the south of France for a while - was in Paris just the other day. I'm a little envious ...
Is she studying over there or just working/seeing the sights? South of France is magnificent. And the French Riviera is stunning - if you are ever there Nice is a must.
good album, Ruby's linked track was my favourite...

on France, went there once, thought I would have liked it but it was full of French people....!!!
(20-01-2019, 04:24)Jerome Wrote: [ -> ]Is she studying over there or just working/seeing the sights? South of France is magnificent. And the French Riviera is stunning - if you are ever there Nice is a must.

Working hard in exchange for her keep while studying a course in permaculture, as well as putting it into practice which she can do with ease as the place she's living at is semi-rural. She's in Molandier - earth child.
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