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Full Version: NEW ALBUM: Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion
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STEVE ROACH ~ Molecules of Motion

[Image: MI0004421083.jpg?]

One can’t really say that one listens to this music – it’s more a case of surrendering to the sounds which are compellingly hypnotic once you let go. I have a feeling this is mind altering stuff – or at the very least, mood altering! I’m curious about how a composer sets about this type of work. Is it largely looped?? There seems to be a fair amount of repetition which helps to bring about that almost meditative state, but with subtle changes and additions along the way. Most peculiar; I felt as though I was not going to be able to sit through the whole album, but in the end, didn’t want to stop it either! Ambient/instrumental - he has a huge body of work, most of which I haven’t heard, but I do like the album he did with Michael Sterns and Kevin Braheny - Desert Solitaire. Perhaps need to seek out some more! 

It’s referred to here as a ‘sonic marvel’ by those who are no doubt better qualified than I to comment  Blush   -

I can't access these clips in my country but perhaps you can in yours ... 

I have delved into the ambient world from time to time as I am not hindered by music genres. Thanks for the post Ruby ! The video uploader didn't work for me.
I listen to ambient music from time to time - I find you have to be in the right frame of mind for this sort of stuff. I have to say that Mr. Roach's stuff is too indistinct for me. I need some kind of theme to hang my hat on. Sound swirling around is fine, but intersperse it with notes that lead somewhere. Otherwise it's just sonic soup.
^See - with that release I think that was the idea. Sonic soup. Becomes less soupy as you go along, strangely enough - well - that was my experience at any rate! Not something I'd choose to hear every day though - now and then is fine.
I have tried listening to Steve Roach from time to time but I just don't get it. Eno is another one I struggle with when he is in 'Deep Space Nine' mode. Having said that his 'Apollo' album and 'Music for Films' are just brilliant. 'On Land' and 'Music for Airports' are another two of his that I like. Great background stuff when you are reading a book or whatever.